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Email Scams has put some tips together to help our customers avoid email scams. Review this page before thinking about responding to any email asking for account information. Also remember (and other legitimate businesses) will NEVER ask you to supply your password via email.

Heartbleed servers were not vulnerable to the recent Heartbleed vulnerability.

Mail Server Upgraded

This upgrade provides faster POP and IMAP access, better compatibility with modern email clients, and an expanded 5GB quota. If you have any problems receiving email after this upgrade, please contact us after verifying your mail client is configured as specified on our email settings support page. Also please visit our new webmail service at

Bway VOIP Services

VoIP, or voice-over-IP (Internet-Protocol), offers a better, more cost-effective way to communicate with your business partners, customers, and vendors.

Fiber Optics

Now also available Fiber Optics and Ethernet over copper with symmetric speeds up to 1 Gig.
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